Employment Audits

The primary purpose of an Employment Research Corporation employment audit is to determine if disparities exist in the treatment of employees by race, age, gender, national origin, or other group. Examination of statistical disparities can provide a useful starting point in the analysis of an organization's employment practices. Employment audits are typically conducted in conjunction with an external legal review by the organization's outside counsel.

Areas examined in an employment audit may include:

  • Workforce
  • Hiring
  • Promotions
  • Terminations
  • Compensation
  • Performance reviews
  • Discipline
  • Transfers

An Employment Research Corporation employment audit may also include examinations of an organization's record keeping practices with respect to issues such as personnel information, application logs, job classification, and maintenance and reporting of the necessary data for the preparation of Affirmative Action Plans. In conjunction with an employment audit, Employment Research Corporation can perform a variety of other analyses as needed.

Employment Research Corporation uses multiple sources of data in measuring disparities. These may include various internal organization records, such as personnel transactions (promotions, terminations, etc.). In addition, other data sources, including government data, may be examined for purposes of external comparison. Employment Research Corporation can assist an organization in recoding of occupation and geographic data to current Census data.



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