Analysis of Reduction in Force

In today's economic climate, many businesses may have to reduce costs by laying off or terminating employees. The purpose of an Employment Research Corporation Reduction in Force (RIF) Analysis is to determine if disparities exist in the selection of employees by race, age, gender, national origin, or another protected group in an organization. Although a RIF Analysis can be conducted following the event, examination of statistical disparities before the RIF is implemented can assist in identifying whether the RIF may have an adverse impact on any particular group.

Employment Research Corporation can analyze the possible adverse impact of a RIF. In a typical analysis, the composition of the population selected for RIF is compared with the composition of the population not selected. Other analyses may also be performed.

Employment Research Corporation can design an analysis based on the company's defined RIF policies and procedures. Analyses can be performed based on factors such as location, department or occupation. In addition, other characteristics considered during the selection process can be incorporated into the analysis, such as seniority, performance review ratings, education or time in position.


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